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Bici & Baci – Noleggio Biciclette e Scooter – Roma RM

Via del Viminale, 5, 00184 Roma RM

Bike Rental in Rome

Discover the Eternal City in a unique way! Bici & Baci it’s a company specialised in bike rental in Rome. Crossing the city by bicycle means discovering its secrets hidden behind every corner, breathing the smell of the ancient walls that transpire its history and reaching the most beautiful and suggestive sites by routes accessible only by bicycle that only romans could suggest.

The bicycles that we offer with our bike rental in Rome are sturdy, versatile and very comfortable. They are perfect to safely ride on the ancient streets paved with sanpietrini, tipical roman cobblestones. You only have to choose your bike size, we will provide you locks, helmets and hygiene caps. What are you waiting for? Come visit us and rent a bike to discover the amazing Eternal City!

Scooter Rental in Rome

Visit the Eternal City on two wheels with our service of scooter rental in Rome at unbeatable prices! Rome is a city full of tourist attractions, and the best way to spend your time efficiently is to rent a scooter, in this way you will be able to reach all its cultural attractions, such as Vatican, la Fontana di Trevi, Piazza di Spagna and many more.

Thanks to the flexibility that a scooter has when it comes to parking, you will appreciate the easiness of visiting all of these sites, as well as enjoying one of the most exciting ways to explore the city. For all these reasons, a scooter rental in Rome is the best way of transportation that you can find. Come visit us and rent a scooter!

Vespa Tour in Rome

Jump on an iconic Vespa scooter to experience the thrill of the Italian way of life! Bici & Baci is a company specialised in vespa tours in Rome. There’s no better way to see the Eternal City than from the back if a bike. Our tours are a fun, adventurous and a super efficient way to explore the city, zipping thorugh local traffic.

Every vespa tour in Rome organised by Bici & Baci is planned and adapted to the tourists needs: you will get to choose the itinerary and the time to live an incredible and exclusive expericience. Our tour guides are super friendly, energetic and happy to meet and guide guest from all around the world. Contact us if you want to know more about our vespa tour in Rome!

Altre sedi:

  • Via Cavour, 302
  • Vicolo del Bottino, 8

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